Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The beginning...

Well here we go.  
I am definitely new to this blogging world, but nonetheless so it begins.  First, the title--might seem weird seeming as I do not live in NY.  Well, I used to before grad school, and however short it was, I fell in love with that city and hope to return to live there one day.  It doesnt take long to fall in love with NYC, Manhattan, the city lights, artistry, Broadway plays, design, and general life there.  
It was a great year of my life.  So as far fetched as it may sound to call myself a "New Yorker," I claim to be one in heart.
So then the next question is...what's this stint in Africa?  Well...in a little over a week (oh my word), my SISTER and I are 'launching' off to serve at African Bible College for the next year.  Amid much excitement, there is a lot of planning and packing to do!  Life as I know it is about to change...but in a much needed way.  She and I will both be teaching...yeah, if you know my sister and me, then you are probably laughing!!  But we are really excited.  We will both have the little ones at the ABC Christian Academy and I ll teach some counseling at the college.  Rachel and I have had a lot of practice with the little ones as we are wrapping up a week of beach time with our 4 and 2 yo nephews! whew!
Your prayers are coveted as we start this next school year.  We will have about a week's time to settle into our housing and life at ABC.  Of course it will take a lot longer than a week, but school begins soon!  So here's to a year full of lots of hard work, some unusual and rare experiences, and most of all...serving the Lord in Africa.