Thursday, January 15, 2009

A new look...

Happy New Year!
Im trying out this new background...for some reason, though, every time I look at it, I laugh.  Probably b/c it s really girly and here I am living in Africa?  Not that if you are girly you cant live in Africa...b/c clearly you can.  Case and point.  But still the background choice seems kind of ironic.  
It has been quite a while since I have written.  Rach and I are back in Malawi after a really great Christmas with family and friends.  There is much to write about the three weeks we had there (apart from the culture shock of experiencing the entire row devoted to chips alone at the new Kroger).  Rach and I hit the ground running in the States and didnt really stop until we left again on Jan 8th.  At one point my sweet friend Laura said "have you gone one day without having breakfast or lunch with someone?"  I simply said "no" then we walked into the restaurant.  
So all to was a great three weeks, busy and too short, but wonderful.  
I have a lot to write.  It s still swimming around in my head so hopefully I will get it all out on paper or the world wide web soon.  Many stories...the flight back to Malawi is a blog entry in and of itself.  Oh my word.  All of the grey hairs that Rachel and I found when we got home (b/c there is not necessarily primping worthy lighting in Africa) returned on that 2 day travel extravaganza.  More to come on that.
I didnt exactly handle the whole sleeping pattern-getting rid of jet lag thing as I should have so I am still reaping the consequences of that.  So I will hold off on any particular stories.  However...I hope to write soon about Christmas stories and adventures in the Joberg airport. Ciao.