Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's hard to explain

It's hard to explain.  Life in Malawi--it's hard to explain.  It's so complicated yet so much more simple.  It's hard yet a lot easier.  It's sad yet so inspiring.  There is such beauty yet desolation and clarity of the effects of sin.  It can be completely depleting yet simultaneously rejuvenating.  It can bring about severe dislike for various aspects of life, but a total love for country and people.  It brings about laughter quickly accompanied or paired with tears.  
Perhaps because of these various realities, emotions, feelings, and observations, I find it hard to blog more often.  I wish I could and I often find myself saying "i have got to write about this!" Yet when i sit down to actually type it out or put "pen to paper" I seem to go blank and my mind starts wandering as it fills with various moments of "i still cant believe i live here."
As routine begins to develop and the things I thought once to be so taxing (going to the grocery store) become second nature, I realize June will quickly approach and this simpler yet more complicated way of life will become the crazy highways of America.  
I love that the biggest road in Lilongwe is a 4 lane and it is seemingly huge!  
I actually enjoy (to some extent) being blinded by another's head lamp b/c we are eating dinner in the dark for the upteenth time this week and we subconsciously forget not to look straight at each other as we shine the light in their eyes.  
I love seeing improvement in the girls on the basketball team.  Who knows how or why they have decided to play since Christmas break...but they are improving a lot and it is really fun to see the surprise and excitement on their face when they make their shots.  (ok...just want to say that while i am typing this...the electricity just went out.  i have exactly 32 mins left on my computer battery.)  
I love having the college students come up after class to ask a question regarding counseling b/c they have thought through various relational aspects.  
I love how big of a deal it is to make chocolate chip cookies while in Malawi...and then how bigger of a deal it is to eat them.
I love how our house is directly behind the soccer field so periodically if not more often than less we will have a soccer ball fly onto our condi.
And I love how our house (affectionately named the Brown house or Larry's Angel's) is Grand Central Station.  I counted 5 knocks on the door in less than 30 mins yesterday. are just a few things...
I ve attached a pic that has really not much to do with any of this...but is an updated photo of sis and me.  We returned from Lujeri...the Tea Estates...a few weeks ago. of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.  I wish i could show all of the pics...but it d take til June to upload them all.
until next time.