Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a painful reality

Goodbye's hurt. I knew that and have experienced that in several capacities before arriving in Malawi...but I think i am experiencing it in a whole new i dont think..i know this for a fact. It is strange, surreal, moving, emotional, exhausting and life-changing. My mind is very much 'all over the place.' It's a total rollercoaster....chatting online on tuesday night with one of your best friends in the states and discussing just how soon you will see them when you land in MS, then going the very next morning and saying about 30+ goodbyes, to continue the mind-boggling list of packing essentials. What?! Excitement to bittersweet-ness.
To put it into perspective...Last week I was discussing with a full-time missionary family, whether or not one of the (ridiculously talented) musical groups at the college actually recorded. He said no that the recording is just not good enough. He then said that it's not something you can record and then play again in the states. It wont sound the same to the ear and heart when back in the States. He said "you literally have to take it in your memory and heart." Pretty good explanation. Not to sound self-righteous or 'no one can understand'...just that it s hard to explain in words.

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